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Luxury Lincoln Town Car

Ride in comfort and style while we go the extra mile! These 5 passenger vehicles will have you falling asleep in our back seat as we float on the street!! A taxi can't compete…why get rocked to sleep in anything less than the best!!!

Top Notch S.U.V.

Perfect for special occasions or groups going to events!  When you have 4 or more passengers it is best to request an S.U.V. because nobody wants to squeeze in a coupe when they are with a group!! That is why many choose to use this service and enjoy the presence of other guest!!!

M.V.P: My.Valued.Purpose

CROSSROADS offers special packages with dress codes & amenities to customized tours, chartering golf outings, concerts, vacations, sightseeing, special events & nightlife anywhere at anytime w/M.V.P's! M.V.P.'s determine how flexible we can be available now because our drivers stop accepting runs a half hour or more before the reservation to guarantee availability!! Please plan ahead when letting get our service for M.V.P...b{*-*}d!!!