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About CROSSROADS Transport

What we do:

CROSSROADS is based by Greenbelt giving V.I.P. rates to those calling unless short trip outside territory! Usually pass these runs because of time, maintenance and gas!! Our company motto is, "Happy to go the extra mile" serving our community in the Entertainment, Sports, Corporate or Residential, we enjoy keeping the streets safer providing a reliable way to anywhere at anytime for anyone!!!

CROSSROADS gives customers the fastest, most cost effective, way versus freeway for V.I.P.'s...saying extra mile does not reflect price! CROSSROADS will offer another number that calls our phone first but connects with a reputable and affordable Taxi service in case you need transportation NOW but CROSSROADS is unavailable!! Info given 1st contact & not listed on purpose to avoid confusion!!!

Corporate life fuels day business with trips to work, appointments, shopping, or airport for travel! Residential clients help drive the night getting a safe ride to dinner, bars, events, etc. without dealing with the hassle of who's driving or finding parking!! Do you need transportation for a vacation to your desired destination? Any way you choose, to use CROSSROADS Transport is the best way for everybody...b{*-*}d!!!