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Services Overview

  • Corporate:

    CROSSROADS Transport offers best value in the business! We will be there when you need to make it to an appointment on time!! If you're looking for airport transportation, group trips for dinner or a convention, resort transfers, point-to-point, and hourly as directed then you've come to the right place!!! CROSSROADS Transport is happy to go the extra mile when clients are ready to go shopping, sightseeing or just want a responsible night out with a driver to take wherever desired?

  • Night life:

    CROSSROADS helps you say Drive.Us.Instead! Why try D.U.I? Do you need a ride to dinner, or some bar, before enjoying your night out at the clubs without the hassle of driving & parking? If getting the best Price & Service for your transportation is a concern, we are ready to help you shift gears. Our service is good looking, even before a few beers! So have no fear, CROSSROADS Transport is near...CHEERS!! Giving V.I.P. Rates that are so low it is like getting a drink on us while waiting!!! The driver will be ready to pick up anyone from your home, office or wherever you like. Everybody likes a good memory! That is why CROSSROADS goes the extra mile to keep a smile on your face every time you use your head and say no to a D.U.I. by saying, "yes...Drive.Us.Instead?"

  • Sporting Events:

    Score! 1st class transportation isn't just for the athletes!! Whether you're going to watch Football, Basketball, Baseball, Golf, Motor Sports or Horse Racing we are going the extra mile to win your satisfaction!!! Whose not a fan of great service? We are ready to pick you up from your home, resort, office, airport or wherever you like and take you to the sporting event of your choice! A package is often the best decision!! Options will generally provide set number of hours in vehicle that fits your party size and event for a fixed, all-inclusive price!!! CROSSROADS Transport offers specially negotiated deals you can't find anywhere else?

  • Concerts:

    Wow! Luxury transportation is for more than just Rockstars!! When you need a ride to the stadium, symphony or place of choice call CROSSROADS!!! We are happy to go the extra mile so you can Rockout in a concert, Laughout loud at the comedy club, or SIMPLY go out to RELAX. Whatever you choose, expect VIP treatment! We are ready to pick you up from your home, resort, or wherever works best for you?

  • Vacations:

    CROSSROADS travels in comfort & style so you can smile! When you're ready for an occasional vacation we are happy to go the extra mile!! Making sure you get to desired hot spot so can play even harder then work!!! Want to visit the Grand Canyon or go to a beach? Are you in the mood to play with Lady Luck at Vegas or have fun in sun by going to Sedona, lake or river? Whatever your our command!

  • Birthdays:

    CROSSROADS is ready to party like it's your Birthday! Everybody deserves CELEBRATION on their sweet 16, 21st, Quinceanera, Debutante, or Bah/Bat Mitzvah!! This is a special time that truly only happens once in their lifetime!!! Let us go the extra mile to serve a wish that's bold enough to be told while smiling! Great service with style is one thing that never gets old!! We are ready to pick up from your home, hotel, or wherever desired and would like to offer special pricing for 4 or more hours (subtract age from the package price, but must be requested at time reservation is scheduled)!!!

  • School:

    Your Royal Carriage for homecoming Kings & Queens! Whether you need us for Prom, a Graduation, Homecoming, Valentine's Ball, Holiday Ball or Spring Dance we are ready to go the extra mile!! Our service won't drive you crazy...that's the kids job, lol!!! Let us pick them up from your home, school or wherever you like and be their servants for the night?

  • Wedding:

    The best day in a persons life deserves the best ride of their life! Let us count the ways we love going the extra mile with service as flawless as your engagement ring!! To the honeymoon of the soon to be happily married couple & from the parents/grandparents/in-laws/or the entire wedding party, we offer all ground transportation options: So if your guests are seeking activities for the weekend there is special pricing towards customized tours, shopping, nightlife, concerts, sightseeing, & wedding party airport transfers...b{*-*}d!!!