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Rates Information

V.I.P: Valued.In.Price!

Rate around $2 every mile with a $7 minimum.

Regular Rate:

Rate around $3 every mile with a $15 minimum (plus $20 for S.U.V.).

Hourly Rate:

V.I.P: $45 per hour, Regular: $65 per hour. There are at least 2 hour minimums.

The V.I.P. Rate is given to ALL CALLERS unless Events, Holidays or PRIME TIME: Fri & Sat 10p-5a.

Elderly, Military & Law Enforcement receive an additional 33% off V.I.P!

CROSSROADS territory is between: Lincoln Dr., Mckellips Rd., 56th St., and Pima Rd. so if you are traveling outside these areas a $15 minimum will be applied. Why? Good question! Anything less not cost effective w/time, maintenance & gas so usually pass short local trips outside CROSSROADS radius because our service is hit or miss depending on when & where. Please add $10 to our minimum, for every 5 miles, if your pickup address is outside territory? CALL NOW for details: )

CROSSROADS does not like charging for unused service but this helps us maintain the highest level of customer service to other clients! If you are not ready after our 5 minute grace period please add: V.I.P. $.50, or Regular $1, to price per minute!! After 15 minutes the passenger has option to switch to hourly or pay a $15 cancellation fee, 'THANK YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING' & helping me...b{*-*}d!!!

Avoid Hidden $ of Taxi!

We Have No Pick-Up Fee!

$.50 More Per Mile for S.U.V!

You Do Not Pay for Light Delay!

Save $ and Call or Reserve Today!

Call for more but Biltmore to...

Old Town Scottsdale:

V.I.P: $15, Regular: $25, M.V.P: $35

Down Town Phoenix:

V.I.P: $15, Regular: $25, M.V.P: $35

Desert Ridge:

V.I.P: $30, Regular: $45, M.V.P: $45


V.I.P: $50, Regular: $75, M.V.P: $75

P.V. Mall:

V.I.P: $20, Regular: $30, M.V.P: $35

Mill Ave:

V.I.P: $25, Regular: $35, M.V.P: $35


V.I.P: $15, Regular: $25, M.V.P: $35