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Happy Hour: Mon-Fri 3-7 p.m. $3 off great rate no matter what, but not offered w/OTHER PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS! CROSSROADS has a Trademark that let's you get Happy Hour 24/7, and can be used with all is best to wait and discuss G-Mix next time we see each other (if occasion allows)!! People usually do not care what you wear & the same is true about music listened 2!!!

Promotional Card: Good for $3 off any rate, and explains why there are 2 numbers linked to same phone. The space above lines on back is for your name. Please write it down before giving the Card to somebody else. We will give you 3 free miles because our drivers value your support of CROSSROADS Transport! This is around $1 per mile for your 1st 7 miles. $7 minimum will still apply. Hopefully you agree that our company has passed the extra mile a long time ago?

CROSSROADS Transport is happy to go the extra mile serving our community in the Entertainment, Sports, Corporate and Residential scenes! The Corporate lifestyle fuels day business while our Residential clients help drive the night by getting a ride to dinner, bars, events, etc. for a night out without worrying about driving or parking!! Entertainment & Sport clients benefit at anytime: during the day we take all clients to work, appointments, shopping, back to their car or the airport for travel!!!

CROSSROADS Transport is giving a courtesy 3 miles for free ($7/$15 minimum still applies) if you can remember, in person, what 3 phrases were used to rhyme with 'CHEERS' in the Services tab listing for Nightlife? You will need to know how many of the 8 service descriptions have Company 'MOTTO' about going the extra mile. Also, must be familiar with both promotions listed above?

CROSSROADS Transport started doing this challenge after Easter of 2012 inspired by a Treasure Egg Hunt! We will tell you about Trademark when showing our Happy Hour flyer, or try to within a few trips after!! It's all good, either way, because a 'GREAT RATE' only gets better-even without incentives we are 'STILL GIVING AN AMAZING DEAL' lovingly...b{*-*}d!!!